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TakomaDC is a discussion list for neighbors-talking-to-neighbors. The focus is the Historic Takoma Park neighborhoods in DC and MD. Everyone everywhere is welcome but messages should relate to Takoma or topics being discussed by Takoma residents. (Lobbying for a new highway in Texas probably won't be of interest.)

Please do not post commercial messages, press releases, class schedules, or solicitations. When we reached 1,000 members we became a seductive target for free publicity and would be overwhelmed by marketing and press releases if we allowed them.

Messages from neighbors about the occasional sale of personal items and moving sales are welcome.

Please post informative messages rather than "Me too" or "I agree."

When replying, please quote what is relevant to understanding your message and delete the rest. Otherwise, the digest becomes very long and those who use voice readers have to listen to all of it.

Please introduce yourself if you are a new business owner or professional in Takoma DC to let us know you are here, and remind us for about the first 6 months. But please don't use the list to solicit customers or clients. If someone requests services you can provide, join the conversation and provide any information that will help them clarify what they need, what might be available, and what you can provide. Information, advice, and offers to help are always welcome in conversations, just no sales pitches or self-promotions. 

Messages from new members are read before they are posted to prevent spam and to ensure new members understand the purpose of the list. Otherwise, moderators do read messages to ensure civility and friendly conversations, but only after they appear. Discussions of sometimes difficult topics like race and politics are encouraged as long as they are not inflammatory or accusatory.

Name-calling and negative characterizations of others are not necessary to express your views.

To encourage conversation, replies go to the whole list. Replying to the sender directly is best when asking about an item offered for sale or free. Many read personal messages quickly but delay reading list messages. To reply directly to the sender, use the link in the message footer.

If you have a recommendation, write a brief summary of the information and post a web address for more details. Only government agencies are allowed to post press releases. (Classes, non-profits, and arts organizations in DC produce thousands every day.)

Please identify yourself in your postings, and preferably include the street or area in which you live; we like to know who is writing.

TakomaDC was started in 1997 by a few neighbors during a crime wave to share information. They contributed to the cost of the software and the list was hosted by Glenn Kowalski on his personal server. In 2003, with 350+ subscribers, Glen was moving to Silver Spring and asked for help. Sharon Villines offered to assume ownership and transfer the list to YahooGroups. In 2016 the list was transferred to Groups.io.

In 2009, at 1300+ members, Richard Holzsager became co-moderator and was joined in 2014 by Pam Ellison. In 2014, we had over 2465 members; in 2015, 2710. Just before the transfer to Groups.IO in September 2016, we had 2,973 members. In July 2020, 3,296. We lost Rich in 2021 and lost many members during the Pandemic.  In April 2023. we have 2,840 members. The average number of messages is 500 per month. In times of controversy or rapidly developing events, the number can reach 900+.

Please contact Sharon Villines or the current moderator if you have questions or problems with the list. Otherwise, enjoy!

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